2D Drawing Upgrades

Hi there,

I’ve been using the tool for a while now in an engineering setting and it is fantastic!

That said, there are some features that would be great to have within the 2D Drawing side of the app.

Currently we are very limited as to what information we can include within a drawing. Some missing functions are listed below:

Fully customisable title box for general tolerances and material specs etc

  1. Perpendicularity
  2. Flatness
  3. Datums
  4. Ability to flip which side you dimension an angle
  5. Welding symbols

……and the biggy…

  1. Tolerances on dimensions

Any of the above would be absolutely fantastic, but No.6 would be a real game changer.

All help and advice is very much welcome.


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There is still a lot that is missing in the drawing derivation.
Details, text size and company logo are just a few more.

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