3.3 Slow to open Designs

The app is slow to open Designs
This is even after a Design had been open in the app
Also an open Design will seem to close when switching to another app
When you return you have to reopen the Degign and Waite a stretch for it to open again
Did a Hard Reset and all

Can you share the workspace?

Here you go :blush:
2” #7 Pipe Wheel Cutaway.shapr (5.1 MB)

Thanks, fixed.

So sweet of you! :blush:
Will it be updated in the next Beta?

Yes, ASAP.

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Has there been an update for this problem?
Wondering if we’ve missed it
Also sometimes if you open while rotated in one direction and then turn the full screen will not refresh

Yes, the latest version should fix it.

Don’t think TestFlight is updating
Latest version we’re seeing is 3.3.0 (1224) June 25 2018
Is that the latest Build?

Try the live version

Launching from TestFlight or from the Homs Screen takes about the same time
This is with the same Design and others
Is it worth Deleting and reloading Shapr?

If you are in the US, this is the latest version.




We’re at 3.3.0 1242! :slightly_frowning_face:
Do we have to reapply through TestFlight?

No - I am talking about the live version that you can get from the App Store.

Thought the Beta overwrites the App Store downloaded version?

But also how do we get the most recent TestFlight version?

That was odd
None of the recent updates had been showing up in my app updates
Just manually went to the App Store and clicked on download and it updated
And YES! Designs opened up so much quicker!
Wondering where the current updating got broken for me?
But also what’s the most recent Beta version?
Should I “Stop” the Beta and have you send a new invite?

Beta is going separately for a while, in a different app, called Shapr3D Beta. But currently we don’t have anything new in the testflight version.