3Dconnexion Space Mouse

Has anyone successfully integrated the 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse into Shapr3D Windows?

Unfortunately, Shapr3D is still not configurable in this regard.


The Spacemouse isn’t integrated to the Windows version yet, it’s only available on mmac. Of course, it will work on both platforms in the future.

What does future mean?

It means that we aim for feature parity across all supported platforms, and will get there, but Spacemouse integration for Windows isn’t the top priority, as we have other, more important things to fix/implement first. Therefore, we don’t have a target release date for Spacemouse yet, but we are sure we will implement the feature.

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Thanks for the frank answer.

Laci’s info is perfectly correct, though he might have made it sound a bit worse than the situation actually is :slight_smile: Foundational work on Space Mouse support on Windows has already started and the current ETA for it is in the ~3 months range (but please don’t take it as a strict promise as we do anticipate a few problems with the implementation)

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I am happy to offer myself as a beta tester for the Spacemouse (I was already at the Windows beta).

I would like to finally do a small project with Shapr3D Windows without a headache.

And please, the multiple selection of elements in Windows with shift is a disaster!
Please an option to toggle so that the multiple selection works like in pen mode.

When I work privately with the Ipad, the flow is very good and I enjoy designing.
In the workshop with the PC I always get migraines with the Windows version, the flow doesn’t work at all and then I switch to other CAD Programs.

Hi Pascal,

As you’ve probably seen the Shapr3D for Windows is in “Early Access” stage currently. It’s a very young product. I’m sorry to hear how much headache we cause you, but you can expect it to become better and better every week.

Has the Windows version been developed? It’s already November. I am waiting for 3D Mouse support.

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I don’t think anyone really works with the mouse and keyboard version of Windows.

  • Rotation is only possible with the shift key
  • The multiple selection is only possible with the Shift key

Totally meaningless

I can confirm that this is not true.

Hi @eyeonestudio, it’s in progress. We are working on it. You can expect huge improvements in the keyboard&mouse experience in the next few months.

you are right! I cannot work without this tool under windows!!!

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