4.1.1 - Hobby subscription update and more

Hi everyone!

Before we get to the nuts and bolts of our latest release, we want to give a shout-out to all of you for giving us feedback about our 2D drawings feature and new pricing plans. We’ve got our sleeves rolled up, so we’ll let you know about any future changes. For now, we’re making one change: If you’re subscribed to our Hobby plan, then you’ll also be able to work on an unlimited number of workspaces.

Download and install version 4.1.1 to get a taste of our refreshed command search and Items manager:

  • We smartened up our search feature and added more searchable commands, including Show Hidden Edges and Project (for sketches and edges). Plus, whenever you use the arrows in the design space to directly transform or reposition your design, those commands will be automatically stored as a recently used command in the search list.
  • A spruced up Items manager is at the ready. We fleshed it out so you can reach handy commands such as Group Items and New Drawing (depending on the item type you select), and select items while using the Screenshot tool. And, we tuned-up the New Folder and Group Items commands. Open the Items manager with the Sidebar icon and give them a try.

Aside from :point_up:we made lots of tweaks to 2D drawings and other features, including:

  • Fixed: The bottom view was projected incorrectly—flipped 180 degrees—in the previous release, but we fixed it right away.

:warning: If you created drawings using app version 4.0, we recommend you manually recreate any projections of the bottom view.

• Fixed: Earlier you couldn’t select all bodies in imported IGES models to create 2D drawings. The case is solved now since we’ve taken out the bug that was behind this mishap.
• Fixed: If you accidentally gave your 2D drawing an insanely long name, you might’ve noticed that the app stopped responding and refused to export the drawing. We added a character limit so you’ll see a proper error message, not an unresponsive app. Try to keep the name short and sweet.
• Fixed: The app won’t crash anymore when you import DXF/DWG files.
• Improved: We boosted our fractional precision in the workspace and drawing sheet so measurements are rounded to the nearest 1/64 of an inch, not ⅛.
• Improved: If you create a drawing from multiple bodies, then the exported drawing will inherit your workspace’s name.