5.160 Thanks for Pattern tool, multi-body align, Text Tool preview mode

You really delivered in this update :smiley: I Love the new improvements.
The pattern tool (Array) has been wanted by many for years. This is huge. I can´t wait for circular pattern tool to be released too. And maby pattern tool could work in Sketching too? Or even on features like already extruded holes ?
Maby just bake the pattern tool into the copy tool?

Either way this was a long waited and wanted feature so thank you for this. :slightly_smiling_face: )

The Text tool preview was also something I missed :smiley: This makes the tool so much better.

And I´m sure alot of people will be happy about the multi-body align improvement.

Great work Shapr3D team :tada::tada::tada:


That’s where I looked for it first. I would have liked for it to work for sketch profiles too.

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Very soon it will work with sketches as well.


Looking forward to seeing this update available here too.

Have now updated and see the new features.

The pattern tool is a welcome addition.
The text previsual feature is great.


But the best feature of all is the ability to align groups of bodies! I can’t thank the team enough for this feature! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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Pattern is nice, but I agree it’s more like a copy tool. It makes copying along the axes more convenient but does not add new functionality. It would be great to have:

  1. Definiton of a custom direction for the copy, not only along the axes
  2. More dimensions to make it an array in one step
  3. Rotation and scale on the created new items, maybe even some simple expression or curve editor to control them
  4. Instancing

Can we expect any of these?

You can move the gizmo anywhere and the directions will snap accordingly

Can you elaborate?

What would be your use case for this?

Instancing raises a lot of questions. We did consider it, and might implement it later.

Maybe I’m doing it wrong but if I put the gizmo somewhere else, it still copies along the X/Y/Z axes.

My bad this actually works. :+1:

For example a speaker grill where the holes get gradually smaller in one direction.

You have to drag it on something that has a direction, eg. a line.

Got it, thank you. We will certainly add more options to Patterns over time.

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Thank you Shapr3D team so, so much


:star_struck: :heart_eyes:
That’s a fantastic update, congratulation to the team!
I love the easy way the pattern tool works.
Multi-body align is very well done also, simple and intuitive.
Sketching constraint is deterministic now when applying constraints like parallel, perpendicular, etc (first selection is the reference and will not change, next selections are affected by the constraint).

This update looks like Xmas in June :heavy_heart_exclamation:
:clap: :clap: :clap:

Is there a plan to add the ability to place duplicates along a curve maybe? Or even distribute pattern over a surface :open_mouth:?