A small project in Shapr3D that is difficult to implement (feature request)

… Or just >20X time than other CAD programs.

TPU chain with a thickness of 0.6mm (For an RC vehicle).
The small chain fits well on the printing surface and can be printed round.
A much longer version is now needed, of course the radius should be as big as possible, so print in a loop.
The straight chain structure can normally be easily wrapped around a face, if such a function existed it is a matter of 2 minutes.
Consider this thread a “feature request ( [Wrap / emboss)”, not a complaint. (Wrap / emboss)
In the meantime, I like to draw privately with Shapr3D for small projects, but I don’t like to use other CAD just because the functions are missing.
It is more comfortable on the sofa than on the PC in the office :=)

Attached is a picture of a small TPU chain and a video showing said loop on the print surface.

I don’t understand what is practically impossible to implement, could you clarify please?

Draw the inner and outer links of this chain from picture 1 along the long loop chain to picture 2.
Note that the angles of these links change depending on the radius of the loop.
With a corresponding wrapping tool I achieved this within 2 minutes.
You should know that from the F360 you use :=)
In Shapr3D I would have to draw and adjust this all by hand with a lot of time and effort.

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In F360 I used pattern on path for a similar need.
Shapr does have the pattern feature, could that work for you ?

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Pattern in Shapr3D follows only one straight direction.
F360 and other CAD programs have an wrap / emboss Tool. (Wrap / emboss)

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Screen Shot 2022-08-07 at 16.09.37

Oh! I just noticed. It says “Coming soon”

But still I don’t understand what is practically impossible to implement ?

  • This circular function means nothing more than copying things in a circle, it has nothing to do with an arbitrary path.
  • My detailed explanation above including pictures after your question should be understood by everyone who has the idea of CAD, the wrapping tool and its possibilities.
    Maybe you read through everything again.
    Otherwise, don’t worry if you still don’t get it.
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You are correct, circular pattern won’t help. Somehow I have read “Circular Path”
But “Pattern on path” would (in F360).
A missing feature doesn’t mean it’s impossible to implement.

Have you ever used Emboss and Wrapping in F360?

8:06 How to model simple timing belt in Fusion 360 - YouTube

That’s how it’s done! :+1:

Now do this with Shapr3D.
I even prepared Shapr3D files.
The flat chain as it should be and the long loop chain, the links are still missing.
Also a picture of it.

Have fun with the implementation, should take a maximum of 5 minutes.

Kette.shapr (149.4 KB)

I believe you used “implementation” in the wrong way.
Until now I understood implementation of a feature/tool.


Sorry, actually I don’t know any English, I have to try very hard to write everything correctly.
Greetings from Switzerland.

Entertaining video- I too would like the ability to enter simple math formulae to define dimensions or angles, rather than just straight numeric values