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Shapr3D 3.4 beta feedback

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Sorry to be so dense, but what is a guideline? Any other details appreciated.

Also am confused by TestFlight and its warnings… Can you please confirm that the Current Beta version is 3.3.0 (1242)?



Hi Tommy,

sorry for the late reply - somehow missed this.

Guidelines are the purple lines (can’t share pictures atm) that give you help on snapping, finding certain points, etc.

Current beta should be 3.3.4 (1786)

Got it, I think. Says 3.4 (1786). Thanks

Not sure How this went wrong before…



Snapping whilst dragging seems to working just fine - both to the grid and sketch lines

However, just got this mysterious “invisible field” on this test sketch

See photo of screen and how sketch is covered

(have got a video clip, but too,large to upload here)



Hi, what is the tangent guide please ?

I was expecting it to show up when connecting circles, so my line runs tangentially between them, however, whilst it picks up the circles and highlights them, there is nothing to show the tangent point


Look at your zoom level: unit is on 50.000 mm. You have zoomed out too far. We should handle these cases. This is not snapping related, but thanks for reporting.

Good find, thanks, we’ll add this.

So far i find everything on the email requesting to be reviewed works quite well. The only complaint i have which is more a nuisance is the fact the lock grid size should be a permanent button that is accessible on the main page, perhaps next too section view button in bottom right corner. I am constantly having to adjust this now that i know its there due to its wonderful attribute, Otherwise all new abilities are excellent.