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And of we go :slight_smile:


How do you like it so far?

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Beta downloaded, looks good.

Is there a list of known issues to save us having to report some of the issues?

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We would love to hear about every issue :slight_smile:

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I like it a lot :slight_smile:


Hello everyone!

I’m loving the beta so far, I’ve been using the iPad app for the majority of my degree and its a quintessential part of my workflow so I was hyped when I seen out was coming to the desktop!

I’ve spent the afternoon messing around in the app, I thought the best way to test this out was to recreate something I’ve already made on the optimised iPad app and make not of the bugs.

So far I have had a couple of issues when drawing lines. Every now and then the back button does not want to end the drawing at the last point, but a simple double click on the trackpad solves this.

Sometimes CMD Z doesn’t want to undo the last step, but sometimes it does? It can be rather temperamental but there is the delete button in the app!

There is a couple of dropped frames every now and then but it is expected in a beta!

I have a couple of notes of things I think I would like to see in the app. These are all my personal opinion though so please don’t take offence and feel free to ignore my comments haha! It currently feels too much like the iPad app was literally copied and pasted through catalyst. Big emphasis on the feels though, I’m not too much of a fan of some of the ways we currently interact with the app on the Mac.

I’m using my trackpad and not a mouse and I would have liked it if instead of a two finger pan, and two finger+shift to tumble, it was three fingers to tumble. This is because coming from the iPad app, we use one finger to tumble and two to pan. I think because visually the rest of the user interface is identical to the iPad, I wanted to almost use it in the same way I would use the iPad. I think that the flow would feel better too, I can see using another hand on the keyboard rather than just another finger from the same hand is going to feel less fluent and seemless.

I also wished that there was a more natural use of keyboard short cuts, for example when I highlight a line or shape by clicking on it with the cursor the backspace button would delete it, similar to how this works on adobe illustrator or indesign. I also think that the addition of simple things like ‘L’ for line or ‘C’ for circle before I start sketching would massively improve the workflow. Maybe even CMD+C/V for copy and paste.

I know all of these interactions can be done via the software buttons, but I’d like to make the argument that bringing shapr to the Mac should utilise this like the trackpad and keyboard more as those are the obvious and main advantages over using the iPad. It will make the workflow feel much more powerful and efficient to me! There is no denying shape is a capable piece of software, the iPad app proved that, but I think by analysing user interactions would be incredibly beneficial!

Again, feel free to ignore my comments, they’re just my opinion!


All great points!

This is absolutely right. The current version is an early preview. Many things will change until the 1.0 version:

  1. Fully revamped items panel
  2. Hover implementation everywhere
  3. Better support for keyboard
    And many others.

This is super interesting, would love to hear other’s opinion too on this. Probably this is one of the most controversial topics, and there aren’t any CAD systems that nailed trackpad interactions, despite I think it could be great.

That’s the plan :slight_smile:

Thank you for the reply! I’m looking forward to seeing how Shapr for the Mac develops! I completely understand that it’s just an initial preview and that there would be changes, but like I say, I’m exited for the final release!

In terms of the trackpad, I completely agree that CAD systems haven’t quite nailed this yet, I study industrial design and I build with CAD on a daily basis so I’ve used most of the competitors before switching to using mostly shapr and I think that you guys have somewhat of the upper hand with interactions.

I think it is a safe argument that in the beginning, a lot of your user base will be people that have come from the iPad or are somewhat familiar with the iPad app. Because of this I think making the user interactions as seamless as possible and just following trackpad and touch continuity, would make sense.

When you think of the interaction of the trackpad on a computer, using one finger without clicking, moves the cursor, using two fingers pans the screen and then three would tumble. It would be taking that interaction of moving the curser and just adding layers (fingers).

It would keep the fluidity of the trackpad too. By needing another hand to press the shift key, in my opinion, breaks that fluidity. No matter what option you guys choose there would be a leaning curve for the user so it’s not too big of a deal. It would be easy to get used to the shift to tumble too!

One last argument for three finger tumble could be that it could add ease of use for some users with dexterity and mobility problems. It would make almost all of the users interactions with the software one handed. All of the actions can still be accessed via the software buttons to sketch and select modes, but by changing that one interaction, you would open the software to another segment of users, and I don’t think that there is any other CAD software that could make the claim of being so user friendly without needing any additions hardware or software changes. And like I said, you have the upper hand already because Shpar on the iPad is already the most user friendly CAD software there is.

Again, just my humble opinion!


Really good points, thank you!

Can I be in the Mac OS Beta Test group?

Sure - it is a public beta. You can get the app by signing up here: Shapr3D for macOS

If you have any feedback, let us know here on the forum by using this category: Shapr3D for macOS - Beta group - Shapr3D forums

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I’m enjoying it so far on my MBP. However, it feels a bit jumpy, as others have mentioned with lower frame rate. But that’s to be expected on a beta. My issue is the resolution. It’s very low res, but that could be simply because it’s still beta as well. I choose to work on my ipad primarily simply because the low res of the beta hurts my eyes staring at it on my 32" monitor. There are some features that I requested overall in the ipad release, so I won’t go into that. But with the MacOS it has more resources. So I would love to be able to add simple textures to materials, more than just colors. This would be for product logos and basic material differences. I understand the need to simplify on iPadOS, but with MacBook, it should be fine to post-process basic scenes with simple lighting and texturing to showcase a product.

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I’m trying to download the BETA but I get a 503 error after clicking the link. Full error message as follows:


The request could not be satisfied.
This distribution exceeded the limit on requests per second. We can’t connect to the server for this app or website at this time. There might be too much traffic or a configuration error. Try again later, or contact the app or website owner.
If you provide content to customers through CloudFront, you can find steps to troubleshoot and help prevent this error by reviewing the CloudFront documentation.
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Request ID: 0sE4dQuE7D-KiA1NYknSR-tnpmSdveT6gvXSO-7l7K6LTTUsILxKIA==

We could not reproduce the issue. Can you try it again and send a screenshot or screen recording of the problem?

Hi, tried again and it worked. must have been a temporary error.

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