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Hi everyone,

Welcome to this new category, Shapr3D for Windows!

We want to:

:books: Listen to your opinion about the app

:construction_worker_man: Understand how you work with the app

:art: Admire the designs you share

:bug: Fix any bugs you run into

If you find a bug, let us know in this category! Here’s a checklist of what to include in your bug report:

  • Description of the issue
  • Screenshots or screen recordings that show the issue
  • Project file (in SHAPR format)
  • System/Device information: model version, CPU, GPU
  • Current window mode: full screen or windowed

If you need help capturing screenshots or recording the screen, take a look at these articles:


hello I leave a suggestion, that you put in several languages including Portuguese !!

Olá & welcome amongst the Windows Shapr3D users! We’ll definitely add multiple languages on Windows before the end of the year, too, but hopefully even earlier.

German is important

Agreed. German translation will be amongst the first we add.


I like the simple interface and (noob) user-friendly, although I felt it fall behind few steps as there are some features such as the ability to add texts on the objects and colors (changing colors for each object created) were left out (or it is on the paid version of the app).

overall, I like the app/software and I do hope it will be also available on android tablets.

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also, please the sync all the design within the same account - making it much easier to work on the go and at home.

Great piece of software, but making threads for bolts and nuts is way to complicated, AND please make a text function :slight_smile:

The text function is coming REAL soon (I was testing an internal beta of it just today), and threads are very high on our priority list, too.

Is exporting limited in the windows version? I don’t appear to get any options for it and it just sends me to export the model. Would be nice to export an object with multiple materials or split based on colouring.

Oh, crap, I missed this question, so sorry about that. Yes, we don’t yet have all the options for the export on Windows at the moment. It’ll definitely be fixed. There a few things before that, but we hope to get to it soon.

No problem, I was looking at the Mac export options and if you’re going to be tackling the exporter a bit later it would be nice if there were more options. The Mac version is also a bit limited in terms of what can be done from what I can recall.

Shortcut keys in subtitles are translated incorrectly. check my screen shot. ctrl+r.click ≠ alt +r.click
by the way , when will u release the chinese version on Windows. and the windows ver. is so simple`XD

Any plans to include a gear generator? :slight_smile: Would make modelling parts that are made to be moved a lot easier.

And are there any plans to include the abilty to give rudimentary movement of parts in relation to other (e.g. as part of a gear chain to move a part at a set speed, or a gearbox to move a part faster/slower)