Adaptive UI (Versions: 3.38, 3.39, 3.40)

In this beta release, you’ll find a preview of a major update to the Shapr3D experience: Adaptive UI. The Tools menu will now adapt to your selection, suggesting the most appropriate tools for you. We’re actively adding more tools to this flow, but in the meantime we are eager for you to start exploring this new experience.

We think this will be great to help new users explore Shapr3D more easily, and we think that it will help more experienced users become way more efficient. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

To help inspire you, I have attached a short clip comparing before and after the change.

Thanks Seb! That’s great but goes by pretty quickly. Another cup of coffee and slowing it down may help.



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Good point @tommyn, sorry about that, I probably had too much coffee when I uploaded this :slight_smile:

I uploaded two versions of the video. One at normal speed so you can see all the details, the other runs fast and compares the old and new experiences side by side. The magic happens in the left side menu.

Of course the best way to get a feeling for the new experience is to try it out. You should be able to access it after updating the beta app over Testflight.

We have updated the beta app to 3.39, which now includes the availability of additional tools under the “(…) More” menu. Update the beta app, give it a try and share your feedback here.

We also updated the beta app process to let you keep both the live production version of the app and a separate beta version. If you have this setup already, you should see 2 icons for Shapr3D. If you only have 1 (the white icon) follow the instructions on Getting started as a Shapr3D beta tester to add the new beta app.

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Hello Seb and everyone! Is this the correct place, where beta issues are to be reported?

Thank you

Yes it is. Thank you for trying out the app.

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Is there a reason to have to login for Pro, every time I switch between the beta and stable release? Just asking :slight_smile:

Thank you

At the moment, a Shapr3D account can only be logged in to a single instance at once. We will be making an adjustment to that for the beta app pretty soon though. Sorry about the hassle in the meantime.

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Thank you, Seb!
Not a hassle at all :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone, we have just released another update to adaptive ui in the beta experience.

Since the last release we improved the Adaptive UI experience for: Subtract, Intersect, Mirror, Loft and Replace Face. Have fun trying it out!

Next up we are currently working on adding Project, Rotate, Construction Geometries and Edge offset.