Add sniper rifle mode

Sometimes you want to retain more of the model in view, but need to zoom in on a detail to select/manipulate it. Add a keypress to temporarily zoom in (imagine looking through a sniper rifle or magnifying glass) to select the detail.

Anyone else wants a cross-window selection like I do?
It’s easy to implement plus both pencil and mouse -friendly.

Yet… your “sniper rifle” idea is quite a brilliant one, much better than mine.
I had no idea how to put it clearly into words. Thank you!

Hey, let’s do this!

You need to wait no more, because it’s already in Shapr3D for a while: How do I select objects in my design? – Shapr3D Help Desk

@benaston in this case how would this help you better than simply zooming in?

I forgot about it. Oh my.
Perhaps I should stick to Rhino presets for the mouse. The upper right-> lower left selection and its opposite are helpful in my case.

Still, more zooming options, like “zoom from (enter coordinates and value” angle could be quite a nice thing. I’m not fond of options-infested software, don’t get me wrong. I’m thinking about the best way to make sure that everyone can be satisfied. Just optimizing.


@Istvan_CEO_Shapr3D, I can see this being a very beneficial as a permanent zoom feature in the technical drawing aspect of the app. Sometimes you need to zoom in on a particular small detail in a larger model. It’s no issue if the people working with the design are using computers, however, if they are using a printed PDF, an enhanced circle of detail would be highly advantageous.

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