"Align" function error

I can’t find a way to combine multiple parts!
You can only choose 2 faces, then a body is directed to the face you want.
Unfortunately, the rest of the combination remains.
That does not make sense?!
In the picture you can see an example, I would like to align 2 parts combinations, but unfortunately that does not work.

Here is a video as an example:
I can only align individual bodies with one another.
As you can see, there are many parts of the body left that I then have to align all individually and with great effort.
This is inefficient and makes no sense.
Normally you should be able to select several parts, call the “Align” function and then select the two faces to align.

@Pascal I brought this up in this topic:

It would be even more useful now that we have an area selection tool. We really need to be able to align multiple bodies or assemblies referencing just one surface or edge.

I use the Align tool a LOT and this would be icing on the cake.


You’re right.
I can’t even position assemblies.
And that actually belongs to the basic functions, like every other CAD has.

Export, 5 minutes positioning with another CAD, import, then it is as it should be:

The way shouldn’t be like this …