Architectural Grid Dimensions 1/12 Ft or Less

To be useful you should display subject grid dimensions in inches, 1/2 in. etc.

Working on my simple room sketch, I gave up on construction lines and axes and centered/positioned the room on the x-y axes. To do this, draw a line out from the axis, lock it’s start point (aargh) and Translate it back half of its length. In the middle or where you want it.


So I draw the bay window extension centered but above the room and I I want to select the 3 lines and then Translate them down very close to the rectangle using the grid. Then I set a small line marker and redraw the line so that I have a face.


Unfortunately I can’t relate to the grid because anything 1/12 ft or less, I consider an inch. So when you get here you. Need to go to inches and their subdivisions like you did in the Dimensions. For design utility…