Are there any plans to add custom templates and borders to 2D prints?

Im curious what the timeline is for custom 2D drawing template? The lacking 2D features is pretty much the only reason I have to keep using Fusion360 alongside Shapr. I have used the same template in every single cad program I have ever used for almost 20years now. It’s just saved as a DWG and most programs I have used allow me to import it as a template.

That and individual scales per view would be really nice, along with some other features that have been mentioned in other posts before.

Every single update I check to see if there have been any improvements to 2D drawings, and for the last several months it’s remained the same.

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Hi @cbSTI , we are now heavily investing in drawings. You can expect many improvements in the next few months. We might add custom templates too.

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we are now heavily investing in drawings. You can expect many improvements in the next few months.

That is fantastic to hear. I am using Shapr for most of my modeling, but still needing to use Fusion360 to make engineering prints. I’d much much rather get rid of Fusion and just do everything in shapr.

We might add custom templates too.

In my personal opinion, this is definitely near the top of my priority list. At work all of our drawings are standardized and use the same template and borders. Not having that would definitely be an issue, especially for drawings that need to be sent to customers.

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Makes complete sense. Drawings have an incredible depth and breadth, every input helps us prioritizing the right features.

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I love that it really seems as if customer voices matter around here, that not something you usually see.

But while im sure theres plenty of things that would make life easier with 2D drawings, the biggest things for me right now are:

  • Importing a custom template with a logo from a DWG. We have used the same template, or a variation of the same template for over 30years.

  • Proper page numbers and per page titles. I have an assembly right now I’d like to make prints for in Shapr. It’s comprised of 12 different components, and several of those components necessitated multi page drawings, some in excess of 6 pages.

  • Table support. This is critical for adding configuration tables, and revision tables.

  • Per view Scaling. I often work with larger components that may have fine features. it helps to be able to set an individual scale for a view to be able to show a small feature in more detail.

  • Cut away views. You already have section views which is great, But I use cut away views with custom scaling a lot on my drawings for the same reason mentioned in the previous point.

Off the top of my head these are the only things I would personally consider critical.

One nice thing would be the ability to import .slddrw files. I have several projects done in SolidWorks that I am going to end-up needing to totally re-draw the prints for because we no-longer have SolidWorks and no other programs seem to be able to open their drawing files.

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All of these are coming sooner or later (maybe except .slddrw support, we haven’t planned that yet). We are heavily investing in improving Drawings. This is a feature that has incredible depth and breadth, thus defining the priority of features is not trivial, but every feedback helps us to implement these features in the right order.

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