Beta: 5.100: Isolate mode is here

iOS + macOS: 5.100: Isolate mode is here

Ready for some isolation? Sure, it’s not our favorite term in real life, but definitely a top phrase in your modeling space. Here’s the full list of improvements in 5.100:

  • New: Highlight the items you need and work on your design free of clutter with Isolate. You can reach it via your items list by selecting the bit(s) you want to work on separately.
  • Improved: Working on complex sketch fillings? Now you won’t hit any speed bumps as we’ve drastically improved the load time and the speed of sketch moves.
  • Improved: There’s no update without terminating sketching bugs.

sometimes it would be nice to have a little more explanation, because I searched for the isolation mark for more than an hour, until I found it at the bottom of the list :face_with_monocle:


Great point.

Select an object and in the Items list:

  • Hit the Isolate button at the bottom of the Items list

  • Right click and Isolate on the bottom of the context menu (mouse + keyboard)

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Awsome ! :slight_smile: This is a feature that has been a top request. Thank you for keeping improving his amazing app.

I have messed up my models a couple of times when working zoomed in on a detail (cause I didn’t notice that I had selected something else on the assembly at the same time) So this feature is greatly appreciated:)


:clap: :clap: :clap:
Performance improvement is huge on complex designs : between x3 and x20!

Just a few figures on my macbook air m1:

  • extrusion of a plate with a 4000 holes’ sketch : 25s versus 1mn25
  • opening of the project : 6s versus 1mn34
  • display of the body : 4s versus 1mn04

On an other complex design with 726 bodies, opening of the project is now 5s versus 26s before.

Well done the Team, this is really great :+1:


And it will be even faster (potentially another 3-5x) in a few weeks :slight_smile:


Wow was a fast iteration from user requests!:nerd_face:

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The Isolate tool is fantastic, it’s great for handling larger architectural scenes with many objects.

I’d suggest moving (or adding) this feature next to Section View (photo attached) for easier access, plus it seems logical to group it with the other isolate tool.

Also, I ran into a bug; if file crashes and Isolate mode is On at the time it crashes, when I reopen the file the Isolate mode remains On but it reveals every object that was not isolated, it also reveals hidden layers (but icon still says these layers are hidden). To fix it I have to toggle visibility on and off on each layer / folder until everything is as is should be.

Thanks for adding this feature!
Bruno Werneck


Thanks for your feedback. :slight_smile:
If you have the same experience after a crash, try to turn off Isolate first and turn on again with a new selection. This should solve this issue without toggling visibility of items.
If you have fix reproduction steps for the crash please don’t hesitate to share with me, we would be very curious to investigate.

Thanks for your help, that trick didn’t work unfortunately. I wonder if it may have to do with having hidden sub-folders or larger architectural scenes.

Sorry to hear that.
Could you please share your workspace for further investigation?

Thanks for your help,

I’m using IPad Pro 11in software 15.4.1 256gb Shapr version 5.100.0

It turns out the trick works if you restart the whole app, thanks.

Bruno Werneck