Beta: 5.30 - Advanced fillet, new Text tool, and more

Hi everyone :rocket:

The public beta of version 5.30 (2079) for iPad and Mac is here! You know the drill: Check out the beta and share your thoughts with us!

:information_source: To get your hands on the public beta, join the Shapr3D Beta group by tapping this link on your iPad. Then, download the beta via the TestFlight app. Follow this handy guide for more details.

We jam-packed 5.30 with these handy features:

Happy modeling!


How concerned should I be with this warning?

I have a TON of designs, and it would take a very long time to export them all as .shapr to files.

This beta doesn’t install like the other beta apps, separately without the risk of loss of data.
I’d like to install it and give the new features a go, but currently I’m a little reluctant.

Awsome update :slight_smile:
My ipad mini6 is working a bit when using the advanced fillets and add Text tool. Nothing a tiny bit of pations can’t handle. I guess the M1 ipads are faster at this?
Either way it’s still an awsome update. Enjoy the Christmas party today, well deserved.

It does seem like it’s converting the text to Controll Splines?
Does this also open up for vector import/conversion? For making Logo and design in Affinity Designer or Vectornator (SVG) and then importing to Shapr3d to extrude?


Text tool works like a charm


Hey! The apps we provide as beta apps through TestFlight are going through the same testing processes as the one we provide over App Store. In most of the cases those are the same apps. So you should always be fine updating like this.

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Thanks @Tibi_Shapr3D I’ll go ahead and give it a shot.

Where do us anti-Apple (Windows) users get betas from to test out the new features? :slight_smile:

AutoCAD Mechanical toolset provides the AMFILLET2D command to fillet corners. The filleted corners can be formed by two arcs, circles, lines, polylines, rays, or xlines with an arc of a specified radius.


Hey - currently it is only for Apple devices (through Testflight), but we will figure out something for Windows users as well