Beta 5.50 - Tweaks for a smoother modeling experience

Hi everyone :rocket:

5.50 is now in the books, and with that, a number of bug fixes and improvements are out in the latest beta. Without getting too much into details, here’s what’s new:

  • Fixed: We’ve eradicated a handful of pesky sketching bugs. If you’re a speedy modeler, you’ll especially love the improvement affecting selection – now you barely have to lift a finger while selecting the dimension arrow to adjust your models.

Well, that’s about it – to find all the improvements, you’ll have to get down to sketching right away :muscle:

Happy modeling!


Excellent, wouldn’t still be here and updating if I didn’t believe in you guys somehow. Thought much more would show up but nice dimensions improvement. :+1:

Try to consider cleaning up like I’ve suggested. It is not necessary to clutter, try to see if ghosting can be implemented, only highlighting what’s active. Sometimes hard to follow constraint bubbles for instance and what they refer to. Way too much all over the place once my drawing is complex.

I know, it becomes much easier if it is organized properly in many folders but then folder window would need work also. It would be nice to see it ghosted as well with a slight highlighting of active folder. See, not all of us have ample workspace.

By the way, why would it not be possible to lay another layer on same plane in a SEPARATE folder made for a sketch(a sketch plane)?