Beta: 5.80 is here with fixes and a shiny new tool

Hi all!

5.80 is now available and it packs quite a punch: apart from a handful of fixes and improvements, there’s something flashy coming with this update. Let’s just say that if you’re a visual person, you’ll love the latest release:

  • Improved: Section view is now available after selecting a construction plane or a planar face as well. Just tap on the plane or face, select section view, and get the inside peek for tweaking your model’s hidden parts.
  • Fixed: Some nasty sketching bugs are no more.
  • New: We can’t really contain ourselves about this one – there’s a major addition you’ll just love in 5.80. If you want to learn more, tune in for our Showroom event: Join Shapr3D Showroom on March 22.

Do you want to join the beta? Check out this thread on how: Welcome to Shapr3D Beta!


Nice! the same day as my 50th birthday :slight_smile:



Well congratulations to us both then :wink: turning 36 myself today.

Got Shapr3d 5.8 beta (visuals), Cadmio 2.0 with AR view, and got two positive Covid tests in the home on the same day:)

Then I can take the opportunity to congratulate and feel sorry for you at the same time :sweat_smile:

get well soon :+1:

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Firstly approaching from an aircraft engineering perspective, but self employed and able to choose whatever CAD does the job, of course being so new, much attention currently towards your app seems from the visual element, artists to industrial design, then hobby etc but approaching then from my cold simple toned matt world i have to say, ive yet to be missing anything to provide a valid model functionally, maybe a convenient button missing but end result achievable even with a few more steps but also connecting then better to the function itself.

But then also a member of your beta and the ability offered by visualising allows me to do beutiful things presented in ways i could never before and pride in ones work still exists fairly evidently as seen with your package, thats worth the money alone! I think you guys are changing the world for engineers here, honestly.

With that in mind this caught my attention as does the advanced section allow 2 planes of use, i.e. to remove a quarter of the part? Because i realised with your visualiser you could create excellent mechanical component cut aways like you used to see with engines or gears, you could paint all the cut faces red in app the same, making it an awesome engineers presentation and education tool.

Sorry just thought then another potential extension, if implement a simple assembly builder that allowed the little axis for joints or slides to be set, it may allow export then as FEA test reasy package into dassault ABAQUS etc. for the analysis alone.


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People working on Visualization have completely different knowledge than the ones working on modelling features. Therefore the implementation of Visualization has no impact on the progress of those.

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Interesting idea, however developing Section view into Visualization is potentially huge task. Not saying it’s impossible, but probably won’t be on our roadmap for this year, if ever.

Still, you can reach similar result, either cutting the body with another one, of using the Split body tool, then applying different materials, for example:


Thanks for the reply, i realised after again i could do it manually with planes, split bodies and surface renders so can get what I want, as you have also shown a perfect example. I got caught by the potential i see, especially as i feel all engineering is something you need to do i.e. practice, i feel educational tools for new engineers has been lacking since we shifted to hard digital and mouse and keyboard, these new better interfaces change how you think and design and learn.
I can’t state how amazing but understated that widget is and the the best visualisation of 2d sketches and the sense of perspective maintained, like when 2 planes combine and you draw a line tieing them in, is phenomenally easy to do in comparison, i cant wait to see what you unravel from that siemens engine, i just found the bevel and chamfer has gone pro level lol.

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We always welcome ideas, so if you have any which could make the tool better, keep them coming :slight_smile: It’s just as always, there have to be priorities, and some easy looking idea can lead to very complex implementation. :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday young man!