Beta: 5.90 - Tiny fixes all over

We continue our mission on eradicating various bugs in 5.90. No flashy updates, but useful ones nonetheless:

  • Improved: Another version, another set of sketching bugs have been thrown out to oblivion.
  • Improved: Jumping to 3D from 2D got even smoother.

Also, don’t forget that our first Shapr3D Showroom event is happening on March 22. Register here: Join Shapr3D Showroom on March 22


I’m actually not seeing the update from 5.80 to 5.90, is it already out for iPad? Test flight still showing only 5.80 as far as I am able to tell

Hey, did it show up for you since? Sometimes it takes some time for new builds to be visible in TestFlight after an upload. Should show up as 5.90 (2817)

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Hello ,

I would like to thank you for the recent updates, but I have a few comments.

  • the new section view option is very helpful. This simple change is a great upgrade to the workflow.

  • The 3d “render” function is very promising , however I would like to express some worries.
    Changing colors on objects is now more complicated , because you always have to skip over to the visualize option. This makes the workflow more complicated. I would maybe not mention this was it not for the fact that on my complex models the visualize option is extremely laggy and I am dealing with a lot of crashes ever since. I am depending on the steadiness of the software for my professional work and the crashes and extreme slowness of the visualize mode in combination with complex models is a frustration (I use the latest iPad Pro) I hope you can address this issue in a next update. Perhaps there can be an optimize mode as found in keyshot which makes navigating the model smoother. That would allready very helpful. Ideally I would like not to have to deal with the visualize model when modeling.

  • I am using the export foto mode a lot , please don’t remove or replace it with the visualize mode.


Hello Sander,

thanks for the valuable feedback as always.

We are actively looking at feedback on your second point, and will make adjustments in the future (can’t promise you the next update, but we are actively thinking about options)

As for your 3. point, what are the things you get from our “old” screenshot method that you can’t get in the visualize mode? (We haven’t decided to get rid of it, as we had concerns that it might be the only solutions for some use cases)

Thank you for the quick feedback.

The “old” screenshot method is very esthetic and clear. Its a great way to communicate quickly to clients, Perhaps in the future it could be intergrated into the technical drawing area. When I show a render I want it to be very good, not half way. Therefor for me at this moment the “render” function is not yet so interesting, I do allready for a while add textures in the form of images to my shapr files. I see more value in making textures available and having the option to put the lights and shadows off. At this point its still very unappealing to me. But maybe I am just very put of by the lagginess of the whole visualize function that I can’t see the quality at this point. It just makes the whole software feel unstable. And the solidness and stability is what I generally like on Shapr.

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No, still 5.80 as of this morning.

Still 5.80 03/21/22

Latest render with update Beta 5.90

And Truck! :joy:


Now 5.100 (2830)


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