Black parts are almost invisible outside of visualisation

Please can you enable a different coloration for models in the non-visualisation mode? I have to endlessly change the color of my models because dark objects are near-invisible outside of visualization mode. This issue has been present for months.

The real physical color of models is usually an irrelevance outside of visualization mode. Just make the default coloration maximally useable.

There is an older (dead) thread covering this.

Mail 2022.07.12:
With Visualization I have to go back and forth between the different status. It
becomes much of a trial and error as the (not to good) visual feedback is in
the wrong environment. Also the material handler that I figure is OK for visualization is
a pain to handle when trying to set colors and or transparency. Not even
considering trying to modify different internal part.

The old way gave an instant feedback with sliders. Extremely fast and efficient
workflow to to get it right!

Also, if working with a project, say that I wanted visualize the case in black
plastic this would not be doable. I have to copy the design (one for modeling
and representation and one rendered) and then end upp with two [or more] lines that has to be
simultaneously updated.

I believe a clean way wold be to reintroduce the color as it was in design and
keep this unrelated whatsoever for what is happening in visualization. And
maybe some would find that a bad move, so make the ability to break the links
an option.

I can take waiting for solutions, but breaking the working environment?

I received the official answer:
Hopefully we can address your problems over the next few years. I’m a bit hesitant to promise you an ETA, but all features are on the roadmap.

So I dont hold my breath.

I feel the pain from this every-time I work in Shapr, and to add insult to injury this was working perfectly before the introduction of Visualization (that I dont use as I render in FormZ/Maxwell if needed).

The old way:

Occasionally I downgrade the app on one of my iPads to pre-Visualization to get an efficient environment…

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We’ve recently improved our modeling space shaders, and dark bodies look much better now. @benaston 's screenshot showcases the new version already.

I appreciate the improvement, however the problem still remains because the purposes of rendering in non-visualisation and visualisation modes are fundamentally different.

The color of the model in non-visualisation mode is a distinct concept to that of the color in visualisation mode.

In other words: the color chosen in each mode is underpinned by different requirements.

By forcing parity you will always have this issue.