Bug or feature? Multiple selection with mouse does not work

I don’t understand the point why multiple choices between pen and mouse are not the same?

On the Ipad or the Windows version with a pen, the selection works the same way:
Several elements can be selected one after the other with the pen, and that’s how it should be.
However, this does not work in the Windows version with mouse!
If you select a second element with the mouse, the first element disappears.
It only works if you press the Shift key at the same time.
I don’t see the point, it’s very, very awkward.

Almost every editor application works like this with mouse and keyboard, with some notable exceptions. Usually selection is not greedy, and you need to hold down the shift button to add to a selection. We found it on the usability tests that this is how users with a mouse expect the selection to work.

It’s very strange.
Personally, I actually expected it to behave the same way as the pen version.
It’s a lot easier to work with.
Many users use both at the same time, sometimes with a pen, sometimes with the mouse.
At least you should be able to choose this as an option for how you want to work with the mouse.

Yes, it might make sense to make it an option.

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Yes, please.
It is really like that when you draw with the pen you learn to appreciate this multiple selection very much.
If you then switch to a workplace with the mouse, you get totally out of the flow and get annoyed.