Bug or intended?

Hi Guys,

I am new to this App and Forum so i do not know weather i found a bug, used the tools wrong or if it is actually international.
I couldn’t find anything similar… So :smiley::

What did i do?
I projected an edge from an object onto a surface from another object, creating a hole new plane with the printed edge.
I thought i can use the printed edge as line for a rectangle so i did draw a second line connected to the printed one (and then continuing to finish the rectangle). As things should have been precise i just drew a small line in 90° and then entered the exact length with the virtual numpad to extend the drawn line. The line did extend to the wrong side though pushing the projected edge where it is connected to with it away. Why?

I do have a video yet not the permission to upload it :sweat_smile:.

This field in wich i am writing this is also a bit buggy, i recorded it as well in case there is any interest.


A Line, when modified as described, will extend in the direction it was drawn, is that possibly the case?

With regard to the earlier occurrences if you can provide a ScreenShot, or more information, someone may be able to offer help.

Hi Gelphyn,

Thanks for the quick reply.
As a new user i can not upload any images.

Unfortunately the line did not extend in the direction it was drawn. It extended in the direction from where i started, pulling the already drawn line, which ended at the same point where the new one started, with it.

I will upload the video or screenshots as soon as i am able to.

Hi, you should be able to upload the images now and this will help us better understand the issue.

Oh i did not notice the reply, sorry.

So i dont know how to remove the black lines above and below the images. Anyhow, in the first picture you see the projected edge and me starting to draw the line.
I just drew the line half way and then entered the value it was supposed to be. However it did extend upwards not downwards with the drawing direction…

I also uploaded the recording the google drive.

PS: I was not able to post within you app, i had to use Safari to use your forum. If there is interest i can upload videos of those problems aswell.



@Victor_Shapr3D Hi Viktor, so did i do something wrong? I did end up with the same situation again. Maybe i just use something wrong, idk.


Hi, from the attached video I’m guessing that the issue is that you will like the line to extend uniformly on both sides when you adjust its dimension, is that correct?

Thanks for the quick reply.

Not quite. I would like to have the line extended into the direction it was drawn. But for some reason the end-point of the line was locked and the start-point did move. Ideally it would have been the other way around.

I believe that I brought this up, once upon a time. Can be annoying in certain circumstances.



I see what you mean. A workaround can be to make it go the way round by manually locking the other end point as shown in this short screen recording:

Oh thanks for your effort!

At least there is a workaround. However the workflow certainly dips with that issue. Is there an actual incentive to improve such things?

If @tommyn already noted that and it did not find a lot approval i might waste my time.

I also have an issue where an object, copied within one axis, jumpes out of the overlying sketch grid. The copied object has the right position relatively to its parent but the grid jumpes 10mm to the side as soon as i click on the new object.

Is there an interest in such things?

Ideally, for a ‘bug’ to be resolved it requires replication.

The. Purpose of the following is to present an opportunity to replicate the ‘bug’ or show that altering the line dimension adjusts in the expected direction. If you follow the directions the result may determine a route to a satisfactory conclusion or if errors are reliably repeatable present them for investigation to the S3D Team.?

Note that all Snaps are Switched On.

In the ScreenShot below the Triangular shaped Closed Sketch [on the XY Axis] was used to Add > Construction Plane > Offset, in this case 50mm [Plane 01]. This Closed Shape could equally have been a Triangular Body.
The Triangle Base was Tools > Projected onto the newly created Construction Plane.
This new Construction Plane was activated and squared up by Tapping on it with a Finger.
Note that the new Construction Plane must be used to form the Rectangle.
At this stage the Projected Line of the Triangle Base was horizontal.
Then from the Righthand End of the Projected Line a Vertical Line was drawn Downward, in this case on Grid, for less than the required 100mm.
The Line was adjusted using the pop up Dimension Input Tool and as expected increased to the required 100mm, i.e., the Start Point of the line remained static and the Line extended from the Start Point.
Each of the Remaining Rectangle Sides were similarly properly formed using the last drawn End Point as the new Start Point.
Opportunity was taken to obtain similar results with initial dimensions of 15mm and 75mm.
At no time was it necessary to Lock any Point(s).
I have run this through a few differing scenarios and have not experienced anything unexpected:

A long time prior to these recent examples I experienced similar situations to those of both @tommyn and yourself. However solutions are not realistic without replication, an aspect that requires considerable effort.

Agree with you completely. As S3D development is very dynamic and fast moving, I don’t track bugs/requests vs actual beta version. I trust that the gestalt will work out. Life is too short…



Hi Gelphyn,

Ok cool you do take an interest. Next time ill post something bug related ill make sure to properly describe it and check if it is reproducible.
I might have come across a bit offending in my previous post, dunno, hard to say. If so i am sorry, english is not my native language.


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By responding to your Post above:


was my expression of interest as an ordinary Forum Member. The fact that the S3D Team also responded indicates that ‘bugs’ are something that everyone should have interest in.
My motivation is to make a really great App even better.

There was a note of, understandable, frustration in your input but nothing that caused concern.
Please rest assured your English is much better than if I attempted to respond, to you, in your language.

My second response:


was an attempt to encourage you to reproduce the Design that I used to verify that Lines increased in length, extend in the drawing direction of the original Line.
Your experience(s) while reproducing this Design may help to explain the experience that created the need for this Thread?

I am very pleased to learn about your intention going forward, reproducible problems should ultimately be resolvable by the S3D Team, and our useful input can make this goal achievable.