Can’t get substract work

Hey guys! Trying to create a nut and substract threading from the inside of the body, however when I am selecting needed object there is no “GO” (blue) button at all. Is that a bug or I am doing something wrong?


there seems to be a bug in this new subtract tool.
I can’t quite work out what you doing but maybe my work around for my problem might help.

I found that I also have situations where the tool won’t recognise that you have tapped on the part you want removed. it changes colour to purple but not the see through purple - just the normal part colour with a fine purple outline. And no Blue “Done” button.
Mine seems to happen if I am deleting part of an object that will leave a piece of the object floating unattached.
the workaround I have found is if I can chop the floating piece up into smaller bits first using a square and extrude through it then do it it seems to work.
Then go back and delete each of the floating bits seperately.
It’s a real pain but seems to work.

There is nil bug as far as I am aware.
It is not absolutely clear from your clip, but possibly you are not clicking in the correct sequence?
The + [Plus] and - [Minus] are both showing up.

In the following a Nut is being Chamfered. Removal of a Thread from a Body follows a similar process:

What is a ‘nil’ bug? Am familiar with brown, little, black, red and big bugs but not nil bugs…Thanks



@tommyn says:

nothing; naught; zero:

As in NOT a bug? I assume.



There is bit of a bug if the subtracting object protrudes out both ends. Shapr3D is aware, and are working on it.

As in ‘not a bug in my case’.