Capturing work with Lidar Sensor on Ipad and exporting into Shapr3D

Has anyone played with the new Ipad that has an inbuild LiDar Sensor and tried importing captured data into Shapr3D? Is there a compatibility between cos that would be an Ideal tool and could save a lot of time.

The Lidar isn’t something to be trusted for exact measurements. But for approximation and visualisation it is perfect.
I often scan with the app “3D scanner app” on app store on my iphone 12. And import it to Shapr3d as a DXF top view or stl . (I haven’t tried the other ones)

Here I did a scan with my iphone 12. Then I exported a top view in DXF. Then I traced it on another plane and extruded the walls

Here I used a mesh scan to figure out where to hang the TV screens.

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