CNC-Test-Bench (CNC 1610)

I’m working on software that helps to square-align CNC-axes. It uses a USB-Cam (USB-Microscope) to recognize some printed patterns (eg. circles) and automatically measures size and distance between them to finally print out a (possible) misalignment angle. For that I needed a relatively small CNC that fits on my desk (I do own a much larger CNC but this one is fixed installed in my workshop). So I bought a cheap 1610. In order to equip this (bare bone) CNC with some (3D) self-printed additions (limit switches, USB-Cam fixture, dial gauge, etc.) I wanted to have to whole CNC in Shapr3D so that all the little printed things can be seen and checked out before they make their first physical appearance. I grouped all parts so that I can actually move all axes.
Btw.: all parts are self drawn.


Wow, this is amazing. Would love to see the final result once you are done!

Here a comparison in rendering with cadmio …

… and the new Shapr3D-Visualization feature (Beta).


Love the effort there.
Looks great.
Would like to have one of those on my desk too.