Color Transparency Bug


Here is an anomaly I found using color transparency. For whatever reason, when I slide from full opaque to full transparency there is a large area that shows a high contrast to white where it should not. It appears to work fine when near full transparency.


Hi Mike, thanks for reporting this.

Please can you tell me the iPad model you are using and the iOS version you currently have installed? These will help our investigations. Thanks!

Hi Victor,
I’m using a new 2020 iPad Pro 12.9" with the latest iOS version 13.5
Also using latest Shapr3D version 3.40.1 (20955)…ba04.

The only thing different for my use is that I have S3D’s menus swapped as I’m a Lefty.

Regards, Mike

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Thanks Mike for sending requested specifications. I will escalate the issue, we will look into it and then get back to you a soon as possible.

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Hi! I have a similar issue, with the difference that some areas acquire a different color while changing the opacity level.
I was uploading a video here to show the issue but it doesn’t let me because I am new…
Thanks and Regards,

Hi, if it’s a similar issue we already have a fix for the issue and it will come with the next update version release.
We will still like to see how this happens and you will able to attach a video now.

I cannot upload videos yet, as soon as I can I will.

I apologize, it should work now.

Many thanks, now I am able to upload files.

Prior to this issue being fixed surfaces had a bit of a shine to them and it was possible to get translucent effects that looked almost glossy, now non opaque surfaces are all very dull, almost dark at times and opaque surfaces appear to have a bit less life to them. Is it possible to address this? Perhaps a control over the gloss?