Crashing more often with latest beta version

Good Morning All,

According to the last 10 day analysis from this handy iPad, a total of 40 hours and 22 minutes was spent in the application, going on several weeks now, allocating a real life time amount for an approximate 40 hour work week scenario. After the last beta version install a few days ago, perhaps Friday, the application began crashing very frequently, sometimes every 5 to 15 minutes. I sent reports for multiples when this began. Currently, it seems that when ever I open a new file, the app crashes within a minute or two, and then more often so when I have a design of greater complexity.

Has anyone else experienced this with the last Beta install? Can any admin please advise?


We are aware of some crashes, and we think we fixed most of them already. The fixes will be included in the next beta release in the coming days.

Laci i recently bought a new 2021 ipad 12.9 256gb 8gb of ram latest model i noticed bringing up very large assemblies in the visualization latest beta version takes very long to render or will completely crash out of the beta version is there any plans to improve the performance of shapr3d when working with large designs or assemblies because i would have thought my new ipad would be able to handle mostly any program.

thank you for any info.

Hi @danno11 , yes, performance improvements are on the roadmap. You can expect improving performance over the next few months.