Dependencies on sketches

Changing elements in sketches should not cause random reactions.
Unfortunately that is the case with Shapr3D.

Two small examples, when I change the length of an element or change the angle of two elements I never know how it changes.
Very often you have to take a step back and then first lock points and/or elements so that the changes are carried out as you want them to be.

Attached is a video with two examples, both examples have the same sketches, only they are drawn in a different order.
I try to change the length of the line, Shapr3D changes it once to the right and on the second same sketch to the left.
I’m trying to change the angle of two elements, again there are two different reactions.

It would be much easier if you use the order of selection to determine what the anchor point is and what should be changed.
Some “well-known” CAD programs do this as well.

It is a pity that this is not possible with Shapr3D.
Or did I miss an announcement?

Greeting Macher