Double-click to select a body has to go

Double-clicking frequently (actually, most of the time in larger models) just doesn’t work, and leaves you with an edge or face selection. It is too unreliable and should be replaced or augmented with CTRL+click, or CMD+click.

Hunting in the Item List for the body you want, just so you can reliably select it, can be a real chore in complex models. Unfortunate.

I also note there is no search function for the Item List.

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A search box would be great as currently it can take a while to scroll through dozens or even hundreds of parts to find the ones I need.

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Update on this: I have upgraded my 12" Retina MacBook (which contained a low-power Intel chip) to a modern Apple M2, and double clicking works reliably on this fast machine. So the double-clicking issue appears to be related to slow machines.

I still believe double clicking is the wrong interaction mode to select a body (not least because not everyone has a fast machine). I am continually terrified that I will move the body I want to select (even though this is probably unfounded).

CMD+click (or similar) would work better, IMO.

I don’t think it’s the speed of your machine. It’s the Offset Face controls appearing directly under the mouse pointer after the first click, stealing the second click. This should never happen — it should wait for the gesture to resolve as a single-click before updating the UI, and/or always place new UI elements some distance from the click location — but it happens about 60% of the time for me.

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I’d like to add my two cents to this - I’m experiencing this problem quite a lot on Mac. I don’t think double click to select needs to go, it just needs to work more reliably. Currently running 5.201.0. And I’m running a MacBook Pro with the M1 Pro, so I don’t really think it’s a speed issue.

I am having to double click sometimes two times, and deselect the face in between those double clicks, to get a body selected. I don’t necessarily mind double clicking, as it has become very intuitive, would just like it to work the way it does on iPad.