DXF/DWG Export-Import OUT! Share your creations

We are very excited that DXF/DWG import and export features are finally supported since 3.17! It is a huge step for us, as this has been one of the most requested features in the last 3 years.

I would like to hear how do you use it in real life:

  • Feel free to share your creations
  • Explain your workflow (what software you use it with and how)
  • Give feedback (what do you like or miss in it)

If you haven’t tried it yet, please update and give it a shot :wink:


Very happy about it! Works as expected - would have saved me an hour long detour via STEP, FreeCAD, projection to SVG and then Inkscape a few weeks ago :wink:


Very cool! I still have to go from Shapr3D -> DXF -> illustrator -> SVG, but things are much better now.

If I could get rid of the illustrator step that would be amazing. (I have to use path builder to convert the point paths into shapes so that I can use them)

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This progress is much appreciated, thank you.

I took the opportunity to download FreeCAD because it was mentioned in Shapr3D Forum.
So the super easy excellent creation of S3D was similarly easy to transfer to FC.
Simply export the S3D Design using choice of file types, then upload into FC.

To be honest more time has to be devoted to getting up to speed with FC, in the knowledge that this software is a work in progress that has seemingly also left Dimensions on the back burner?

Results so far offer great presentation but ungainly and difficult to manage dimensions, so much so that attention has been switched to alternative means of achieving the end result needed.

S3D can produce impeccable ScreenShots and currently work is in progress adding dimensions using Affinity Designer, a bonus is that this also runs on the iPad. This needs very careful positioning of the Design within S3D to ease the exact placement of dimension points in AD. The next stage is to create ‘position guides’ in a first SS of the Design and then remove then before taking a second SS. After adding dimensions in AD the SS is replaced by the second SS.

It seems that regardless of MO much time is needed to produce the simple, effective dimensioning and annotation needed. Please see my submission under ‘Dimensioned drawings - Tell us how you need it’. dimensioned-drawings-tell-us-how-you-need-it
In the same Thread a Member suggested ‘Layering’’ as a means of adding dimensions and annotations, is this a possibility for the future?

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