EDU account issues

Greetings! I signed up for an edu acct a few weeks ago and am still not upgraded to the edu Pro version. I sent an email explaining my predicament also a few weeks ago and haven’t heard back. Is this a particularly common issue with edu requests? When I attempt to send the request form I get the loading/spinning wheel of death so I’m not even sure if the request ever makes it through.

Thanks for the assistance!!

Rob Burns

No, it is not. Where did you send the email? We always respond really quickly. I believe. If this is incorrect please let me know!

I know y’all are very quick to respond on forums and such so I have a feeling it was my mistake not yours :wink:

Thank you for the timely response

I forwarded your mail to @Gabor_Shapr3D he must have been busy. Sorry for the inconvenience, we will fix that. The edu licences are activated manually, and this makes it quite a hassle.

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It’s no inconvenience, I have been learning a lot since I sent the email. Looking forward to putting the program to good use. Thank you again!


Rob, just sent you a mail with the solution. Pls check it.