Encryption like Keybase?

Not using beta at the moment, have to learn this software before so I know if it might be a bug or me doing something wrong.
Anyways , a fully encrypted filesystem like Keybase have would be really nice. Yes I can use Keybase for that but not everyone would like using a full blown chat client on their working device.

Benefits of this would be that you can share your work safely with the intended user and can be sure that only that person can open that file. Use this att work for everything that is not top secret or if the customer have specific requirements for storing their files.

Shapr3D doesn’t need this kind of encryption but at least some way to protect the work would be nice. As for Keybase you instantly (as fast as your device can decrypt) have access to your files and files that have been shared with you.

Some form of encryption will be needed when the sync function enter production.