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After reading Shapr3Ds explanation in these forums about why exports are not the actual size is I’m beyond frustrated. You say that stls or objs don’t contain unit data? WHY DOES EVERY OTHER PROGRAM RETAIN THE ACTUAL SIZE THEN!? Sort it out.

I had the same problem exporting STLs to my computer to use in Chitubox and was as confused as you. What I did was change the dimensions I was modeling in. Chitubox uses millimeters and I was modeling in centimeters. If you look in the corner where you can lock your grid size and units you can set and lock it to millimeters. You need to do this if youre using Chitubox.

When I was exporting in cm my models would come up insane small that I was using Chitubox to scale them up to a guesstimated scale of how I modeled it. The files would think 1cm was 1mm instead of 10mm. I changed to mm and exported in mm and it fix everything.

Granted I haven’t used a micrometer to measure the accuracy but its pretty damn on and any variance will be because of your printer.

TL:DR; export your STLs in the same units your slicer/program use and problem solved. I was annoyed as well.


I’m not following the concern. I use Shapr3D for my 3D printing, and my prints are precisely the size I’ve designed. Multiple different FDM printers, and an SLA printer. Sometimes I have to clarify mm or inches as the various machines import them with different methods, and on one machine, I choose a scale factor of 1000, because the printer defaults to .001 units, so multiplying it by 1000 brings it to full size. But that’s just one brand of printer. My resin prints are direct and correctly sized, with amazing precision.


It’s not that easy each time. For the last model I exported I had to multiple it by 2540% to get it to be the actual size.

Yes, that is the exact conversion between Metric and Imperical. mm to inches. 25.4 mm/inch.

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Every other program does not retain the actual size. Maybe every program you have used so far. I’ve run into this problem with other high end software.

Simply remember to change to mm in the upper corner before you export.

Took me about six times having to go back to the iPad and re-save the project until I learned to check before export.

I’m retraining myself to think metric.


Metric is OP. I hate how we use some dumb arbitrary system that’s literally defined in metric. I only had a few teachers have us use our shit system as it better prepped us for jobs locally but everything else we used metric since its the meta.

Funny Story: I bought metric socket set at Sears. Craftsman. So I could put a tow hitch on my Ram truck. All I needed was a 16mm. Guess which socket the set didn’t come with between the 15 and 17mm sockets? FML! :rofl:

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That’s how they get you lmao