Export as image files

Is it possible to export designs as image files such as .tiff or .jpeg rather than just a screenshot?
I’d also like to be able to import 3D designs into Clip Studio Paint to be used in comic art.


Hi Chris,

Currently you can only export PNG images, not TIFF or JPEG.
There are 2 ways to do that:

  1. Using the iPad’s hardware screenshot (which will include grid, background and all UI elements)
  2. Using Shapr3D’s built-on software screenshot tool (Export / Take screenshot). Here you can have lean screenshots (without the grid on other UI elements) if you are using the Trial or the Pro version.

You can only export your 3D models in STL, STEP, IGES, XT formats. As far as I know, Clip Studio Paint requires your 3D model to be in OBJ format, which Shapr3D does not support yet out of the box.


Peter-I apologize that you are getting a follow-up question to this post 18 day’s thereafter… I just got accepted onto the forums.

I am researching the purchase of an iPad Pro strictly with the intent to use Shapr3D as my design software. With no prior CAD/other design experience I feel that learning step by step with the Apple Pencil will make my experience organic and satisfying.

I am also researching which type of SLA/DLP 3D printer I am going to purchase to make a prototype for this new hobby… with the intent to turn professional.

I CANNOT find any instructions/statements/forums subjects that communicate how the design is then converted, sliced, and ultimately uploaded to the 3D printer actual.

I am considering the iPad purchase in place of a laptop. If the Shapr3D software is only for the design and I will still need a laptop then I’ll skip the iPad purchase and go straight to the laptop.

My question:
Do you know how to get the design from the iPad to the 3D printer?

What are the steps to the above?

Do you recommend the iPad approach over the laptop approach?

The iPad Pro and Shapr3D is definitely the way to go. There is nothing like it on a laptop! The Pencil interface is so superior to a rodent.

That said, one typically needs a slicer program to pre-process the stl file for 3D Printing. Slicer programs run on most computers so you really don’t need a new laptop. Suggest you join the Facebook group for the printer you intend to use to understand all of this.

Hope this helps…


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