Exporting a single shape/group to STL from a workspace with many groups


I am working on one of my latest projects and I decided to try something that I didn’t see mentioned anywhere. I wanted to be sure and share this in case others haven’t run across this yet. Sorry if this was already mentioned, but I didn’t see it anywhere.

As we all know we can group shapes within a workspace and hide them to work on another shape. I was curious if you could hide all shapes except a particular one and export it as an STL for 3D printing. Since the item I am working on is going to have 25+ shapes (assuming my iPad Pro can handle it) I wanted to see if it could all be completed within one workspace.

The good news is that we can. I just created my second shape for this project and was able to hide the 1st one, export the second one as an STL for printing. So we can export all shapes as a single STL or individually. This is a really useful feature.


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