Feature request chamfer number sides option

Chamfer with options for how many sides

Right now ifni want a 3 quad chamfer. I have to first create a flat chamfer. Select both outside edges and chamfer them by the 1/3 of the first chamfer.

Doing this for multiple times does get time consuming.

Nonetheless it’s still produces predictable and good results.

This option for number of sides would be cool also in the arc option as well

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Hi! May I ask you, what is your use case with this workflow? Chamfering the edges with decreasing chamfer dimensions would end up in a huge amount of flat faces.

It looks like you are trying to avoid using the fillet tool and I’m just curious about the reasons.

I understand Shapr3d, at it core is a cad/solid surface modeler.

Been trying to primarily do my polygon modeling on my iPad.

And I am new to 3d in general

When I use fillet and export the obj file out. The curves/bends have up to 8 - 16 “bends / sides”

I use the chamfer tool control and specify how many sides I want per bed/curve.

I understand I’m not using the tool as intended.

I think I need to rephrase the question/request

May we have an option for a faceted fillet tool with a number of sides for the curve / bend?

this concept of sides would be awesome to be added to arcs as well :smiley:

like after one makes an arc. there can be an option to specify how many segments/sides one wants for that specific arc.

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One problem that does arise with this is a lot of the current tools do not work nicely with segmented line sketches. :frowning: the idea of ring select/loop select has been brought up, which could potentially fix this.

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One may ask why I’m using shapr3d to do polygon modeling.
well its the closet thing we have on the iPad.
And tbh its a very intuitive App to work on.
I only have an iPad to do my modeling on :frowning:

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@KPeter we meet again!

@CH01 is not the only one using this tool in a different way. When I’m doing binding and purfling, especially triple (also called “herringbone” atop carving, it’s very handy.
Sure, it’s generating a lot of polygons, but if you think it as a scroll-like decreasing size pattern, it’s truly awesome.

What would be awesome would be rendering without mammoth-heavy baking, and zero mapping (in the works, but not ready).

Hello CH01,
Shapr3D as you guessed isn’t at all a polygonal modelling ap, and it isn’t the closest you can find on IPad.
There is an excellent app called Nomad Sculpt, working with polygons, but sculpting wise, check this video, the guy using it for low poly modelling :

Appart from this, I tried several 3D polygon mod apps for iPad :
Verto Studio 3D, Tetra, Sketch3D:easy 3D Modelling……I found them useless gadgets IMO

There is also Sketch 3D (not to be mistaken with the one stated above), but the UI and the workflow (which could be a great exemple of what any developper should avoid !) make almost impossible to work with.

Well, a good box modelling app is yet to come for the iPad !