Feature request : disable all snapping with a toggle switch

I often need to disable all snapping options and reenable them after.
For now i have to open the panel, click off all options one by one and then click them one by one again when i want to enable them again. When you have to do it often then you loose a lot of time.
A switch to disable or enable them all at once will be very useful.

Another thing. An option to disable the visibility of a selected item in the 3d space without having to scroll and find it in the item list. When you have lots of folders and so on, it take a lot of time to do it when working a full day. It could be a switch on and off, or a button that take you directly to the selected item in the item list.
I hope it make sense. Not easy for me in english. Let me know if i need to explain it better.

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