Feature Request: Git integration and better Save procedure

Continuing to use the software and going through fast iterations of my designs for 3d printing I find myself wishing for a “commit-on-export” functionality. I could do it manually by making the project folder a repo and commit manually, but really if Shapr is targetting proffesionals it should provide a simple way to use versioning systems.

Also, saving should be simpler. There should be a workspace folder in which project folders are created on project creation, named after the project name and initialized it as a repo (if git integration is available and enabled). From there on, a simple Ctrl-S or equivalent should save everything there and offer to commit, accordingly.

I’ve used Shapr for about 2 months now, both on iPad and MacOs, but I can’t find where the designs’ files exist unless I manually export the them.

Thank you for reading my rant :pray:

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Hi Josal, this is definitely something that we are interested in. Would you like to use git for collaboration as well, or only for version control?

Also, can you elaborate on what you mean by saving? Saving is done completely automatically in Shapr3D, since under the hood we have an SQLite database, which is updated automatically.


Hello Istvan and thanks for the speedy reply!

Collaboration over git sounds like a great feature! It’d make sense to get an integration with git first, and then add the extra feuatures at a later release.

Saving in the database, is it for speed? Even if so, the db only needs the latest snapshot of the project, but saving into the file system is also worth, both for redundancy and for versioning.

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Definitely makes sense. Collaboration, version control are something that we are quite excited about.

The db is on the file system, and under certain circumstances it’s actually faster to save to an SQLite db than to write directly to the file system. :exploding_head:


I know and it’s great for speed, especially on the iPad! I’m just suggesting an additional way :slight_smile:


I would also be extremely excited to have Git integration with Shapr3D. It would really knock it out of the park!

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This would be amazing especially considering its very easy to self host your own Git server. The industry I work in really frowns on “Cloud Storage”, so to be able to use something that we can easily run on our own hardware would be an absolute game changer.