Feature Request: prebuilt Objects

Hi All, I would love if there was some pre built objects we could use freely in our designs. Such as Bolts and Nuts. Is a main one. What I do a lot is take a bolt design and do a subtraction on it to make a Threaded hole. Very easy. What is not so easy is Designing a bolt. And why do we have to reinvent the “Wheel”. Also, I would like these built into Shapr3D in a drop down menu that can be locked and unlocked from the Left or Right side of the screen. Where I can scroll through the object icon view. There is a website that allows you to download STL bolt files before ordering. But, if I want to create a threaded hold or print a plastic bolt; I don’t think that is legal. Also, not very convent either. I have tried it. I can take a bolt and enlarge it to any mm size I want very easily and to any length. So I only need… Different thread sizes(course, Fine, and Standard) metric and imperial(US) and Different head types ie: flat head, recesse head, Tork head, etc. Also, different gears with different tooth numbers is another one I would want. then I can just resize it to what I need. maybe there are other products or shapes that others might want.


That is a great idea! Further, I have an ever increasing set of objects saved in different projects. It’s really tedious to get several types of bolts/nuts/bearings and the like into a new project. I really hope the Shapr3D team reads this post as it’s seriously something I’m sure many users would like.

So other than just a set of prebuilt stuff, the ability to save your own stuff and easily acess them in other project would be great

Again, great suggestion!

Sounds a lot like reusable code to me.
We devs use it all the time, no matter if we created it or borrowed it. Reusable code and reusable/prebuilt objects are quite the same thing, and I remember my early Rhino days, replacing a type of nut or bolt with another just browsing some files.
Hell yeah, a kind of library would be a sweet addition, but as far as I know, the next 2-3 development years are well defined and the team is already doing more than anyone would. We can’t load up more than they can bear. Still, putting this on the list of improvements even if not on the priority list has to be done sooner or later.
Thanks for starting this thread!

Part library is a very important functionality that we plan to deliver much earlier than 2-3 years :slight_smile:


Two words: Hell yeah! :+1:

Great idea and I’m looking forward to it :+1:

I was thinking more about this and wondered if we could contribute items to this, perhaps have a database of things we could search up within Shapr?

Sure! As much as we’re able, and as much as libraries (home-made or CCs) are compatible with Shapr3D, let’s go for it!
I start gathering and organizing my files and folders tonight.

Meanwhile, here’s a good old source of parts and sundry other useful “stuff” available for free in many file formats (though .STEP is the most suitable for Shapr3D):