Feature Request: prebuilt Objects

Hi All, I would love if there was some pre built objects we could use freely in our designs. Such as Bolts and Nuts. Is a main one. What I do a lot is take a bolt design and do a subtraction on it to make a Threaded hole. Very easy. What is not so easy is Designing a bolt. And why do we have to reinvent the “Wheel”. Also, I would like these built into Shapr3D in a drop down menu that can be locked and unlocked from the Left or Right side of the screen. Where I can scroll through the object icon view. There is a website that allows you to download STL bolt files before ordering. But, if I want to create a threaded hold or print a plastic bolt; I don’t think that is legal. Also, not very convent either. I have tried it. I can take a bolt and enlarge it to any mm size I want very easily and to any length. So I only need… Different thread sizes(course, Fine, and Standard) metric and imperial(US) and Different head types ie: flat head, recesse head, Tork head, etc. Also, different gears with different tooth numbers is another one I would want. then I can just resize it to what I need. maybe there are other products or shapes that others might want.

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That is a great idea! Further, I have an ever increasing set of objects saved in different projects. It’s really tedious to get several types of bolts/nuts/bearings and the like into a new project. I really hope the Shapr3D team reads this post as it’s seriously something I’m sure many users would like.

So other than just a set of prebuilt stuff, the ability to save your own stuff and easily acess them in other project would be great

Again, great suggestion!