Feature Request: Tape Measure / Guidelines tool

I really like Shapr3D; I love the simplicity of the interface and the intuitiveness of the tool set, but the wish Shapr had the tape measure tool from sketchup.

Currently I’m constantly using line or rectangle tools to create makeshifts guidelines to help with layout and drawing. Being able to place guides that can interact with drawing space as well as the object space would be a great time saver, and I believe is a much need feature

The tape measure tool works by allowing the user to measure off the grid, object or drawing a desired distance and then applies a guideline at that location. The guideline appears Perpendicular to the distance traveled. For example if the user measures horizontally then the guidelines travels vertically across the given location.

I truly believe the tape measure tool would be a great addition to the Shapr tool set that would help all member of the Shapr community.


I understand you would love that feature, but I don’t understand why you replicate your own feature-requests (you already placed on March, 22nd):

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Basically because I saw a lot feature requests under shapr3D beta section, and a lot of interaction with those request. That got me thinking I might get some traction if I posted there. I felt my original post fell on def ears, I’m sorry if I’m a bother.

From my expierience the Shapr-Team reads every post here - I cant tell why you feel unheard. The fact that it still does not work like in SketchUp?
What is exactly what you are missing?

  • there is a measure-feature already available in Shapr3D, what would you like to do what is does not?
  • You can add construction axis anytime and use it for measuring-tasks.

I think the team has open ears to every feature-request, but from my point of view they should be formulated a little differently from “I want the feature xy from this or that software”.

  • How can I come to the same result in Shapr3D today?
  • Why do I think the status quo is awkward?
  • What should be done to enhance the user-expierience?
  • help the developers understanding your concern better by adding a video, or additional information on how it works in the competitive software. (in your case you could have posted a link to this site for instance: Complete Guide to the Tape Measure Tool in Sketchup | SketchUcation).

Cheers Matt


Casper, you have probably noticed that we recently significantly improved the measure tool. Many more improvements are coming soon.

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I get where your coming from and hopefully I can Clarify myself by answering some of your questions that you put forth.


Shapr3D measure function is fine if your just looking to find the distance on your model or sketch. What I am looking for is a tool that can help with layout. In the real world I use a tape or stick ruler to place marks on floor or wall. Sometimes I do this to visualize where some will go or might be Placed.

By having a tool that not only measures but leave a guideline behind; I can carry over a measure like do all the time on new installs.

I didn’t know about this feature and it really looks helpful. It is some what inline with what I asking for, but like the measure function it seems object specific from what I can tell. I don’t see how it would help me visualize a layout.

I get the same results by drawing lines and rectangles, and that in itself is awkward. I can’t simply hide and show them when I want. They come apart of my drawing so I have to delete them and that can become time consuming.

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Thank you for reply. The only changes that I have noticed is a measure button that toggles a window open or closed. Is there anything else that I have missed?

That window displays more readable and more detailed measurement information already, and many more features are coming soon that you’ll find in that new window.

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The window definitely helps, I use it all the time and I can’t wait to see what changes the team at shapr3D has up. :crossed_fingers:

Thank you for your time and I hope you take my features request into consideration if haven’t already put it into the pipeline.

Matt thank for the helpful comments and instruction.


For easier layout, construction sketches can also help. Draw a line that you would, and turn it to construction (button is just below the constraints), so it doesn’t interact with sketch fillings, but can still be used for snapping and sizing.


I wish I knew about this feature earlier. this would have saved me lot of trouble cleaning up my drawings.

  • thanks
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Yes we need this feature please devs