Feature Suggestion


I have 2 ideas although one is old after research and the solution obvious given other softwares handling of such things. Maybe a pencil limitation, so ill start with this potentially defunct suggestion first, which is…

Multiple stacked end points on lines and what seems to be an inability to select any other than what it gives you (maybe the first drawn line) i know Fusion 360 gives a little pop up window with all items (points, coincidents etc.) at that location.allowing selction, if that makes sense and somehow not considered?

The second idea is specific to shap3r and highlighted when using what i feel is the best feature which is surrounding the draggable widget easily selecting whichever edge, axis or plane to work from, my suggestion then is a little magnification window to place on a shapes edges or wherever you wish to work zoomed out for proprotions and scales.
Its been encountered when you are attempting to copy and reverse engineer from image, which is when you wish to start with something like a circle to centre on a shaft for example and then if free and with nothin to snap to the widget stays central, if you zoom in for fine movement and see edge you cant move it, if you draw a line you fight between the 2, everything else is so slick and with juggling you can get that precision but a little magnifier with selectable power would make some manual operations super fast, its almost the first CAD where entirely manually placed shapes work, as you can maintiain perpsective in that 3D sketch space so well.