Forum in the App

I have tried to use the Forum directly in the shapr3d app, but there are 2 major bugs that bug me :slight_smile:

1. In big threads I have to scroll all the way up to the first post to get back to the main category.

2. The Reply button is out of sight when writing a post or reply. So I can write the reply but I have to go to the webpage to submit it

Hi, thanks for reporting this. We have created a ticket and our development team will be looking into finding a fix for this.

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Hi Christian, this issue has been fixed now. It was a glitch from the Discourse previous version and it now works great on the recently released update version :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:
I also found out I can scroll fast on the right side slider^^

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I just clicked on a link within a forum post and it opened up a PDF file. The issue is within Shapr3d… there is no way to close that PDF view and the forum feature is now not accessible within the application on my iPad.

Here is a link to the forum post - Dimensioned drawings - Tell us how you need it

I clicked on the Dimensions 6.pdf link and that is what is filling my forum tab within the Shapr3d application and there is no way to shut it down and get back to the forum view.

Hi John, thanks for bringing this to our notice. The last time it happened it was an issue from the platform on which the forum is hosted. We will contact them and follow this up to see that it’s solved.