Function to auto rotate object for 3D printing

Hi again,
I would love a function where I can click on a part and it will auto aline my part to the X, Y or Z plain. Like aq snapto function. This is so when I import the part on the build platform of my CURA 5.0 slicing software it is imported in the correct orientation. This is a small request but it would save me a lot of time. I can aline my model manually but that takes to much time and energy. Thank You
P.S.: LOOOOVE Shapr3D been using Shapr3D on my M1 Max and my iPad Pro.

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If you have for example, any sketch on the plain you want to snap to, you can select the body, start the align tool, and snap it to the sketch.

Simple example:

Please do this with an assembly, for example a simple ball bearing.

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For that case, Translate would be more handy.