Hollow out feature

So, I know on an FDM printer that one could just select 0% infill to make an object hollow. But I am thinking that I would like to perform all this work ahead of time in Shapr3d. In CITUBOX slicer for Resin printers there is a command to auto hollow out a part. This works great. I would like a similar option in Shapr3D. I know I can do a subtract function to basically perform the same thing but having an Automated feature would be nice. Also, so I can describe what I want as walls and what I want to use as infill. I am just trying to design my Products for better more efficient printing. Also the function in CITUBOX Slicer will perform this feature on any .STL file where Shapr3D for some .STL files, only has limited functionality.

Look at the Shell function. I don’t think it works on closed objects, i.e. the shell is always visible from the exterior, but you can do subsequent processing to close it up.

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It does. Just select the entire body.


Cool. I just tried it with a sphere and it worked.

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I did not know that. Very good tip, thanks :+1:t2:

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Very interesting and quite intriguing. Mind developing a bit?

Didn’t know that such precision could be achieved.
Have you asked Stratasys about doing the same? They are up to everything challenging, but since it’s a very “custom, per-demand” basis, prices may vary.

May I ask what you’re after, precisely?
I’m fairly new to FDM, and could need it in a medium-term way to get my aluminum parts done. Those bad guys need a .0001 precision level, but between zero-physical-constraints modeling and real-world physics … well, it’s easy to get parts all warped and alas wasting lots of time and money finding a balance between my actual needs and what a machine can do.

We luthiers can’t measure .0001 stuff, but we sure know exactly what we’re after and how to refine and work until we get a rich spectrum. Sometimes feeling and experience beat dead any modeling, no matter how precise.