How do you like the sketching experience in the beta?

Hey beta testers, we haven’t heard too much from you until now. How do you like the new sketching experience?

I like it a lot; seems very intuitive. That is, I just use it.

One minor annoyance… Sometimes I set up a construction line apart from the main sketch just to establish a length. Although totally disjoint it is made equal to lots of other lines in the sketch? And if you resize, it distorts the main sketch. Lucky for UnDo. So you have to delete the =.




I miss this point for better control of the circle.

You don’t need a specific point to change the radius of the circle or any arc, just drag the edge and it updates upon.

It `s OK, but I meant snapping options.

The center point of the circle moves during drawing.


I am enjoying being part of the testing program.

The overall feel is very similar to what I have been using with the pro app. I am not an expert in anyway and need the product to ‘just work’. Which is how it feels.

I have noticed that when I trim lines the program fails and shuts down. But as yet I don’t seem to have lost any design work so far.

Because I don’t have an in-depth knowledge of how to describe the events as they happen I was wondering if you are automatically getting reports of what is going on.

Up until I started the beta test I never experienced the program shutting down.

I copied a current project I am working to the beta programme and I am doing exactly the same work flow as I usually have.

I hope this helps.



Perfect catch

Sorry Istvan, it’s not working again!

Thanks, we will look into it.

I like it. I get frequent crashes though. This is not a complaint— I signed up for this :wink:

I just wonder if you get all the info you need on these without me transferring documents here?

We get crash logs, but often it’s not enough. So if you can share step by step reproductions for the bugs, that is very helpful.

We used to move sketches with just selecting and dragging them, whether they were lines or circles , but now it has two different approaches for lines and circles. See the vid. It’s ugly I think.

We probably won’t change that. You are used to the old approach, but most of the new users are expecting this behavior. It’s much easier now for example to change the radius of a circle or an arc. This is especially useful when your arc is a rounding in a more complex sketch, and you can easily change the radius of the rounding.

The next issue is why we don’t see the snapping points?! for ex. When I want to draw a line from exact the middle of another line. I’m obliged to trial and error procedure. This is a fundamental feature in traditional CAD systems like AutoCAD and I just wonder why you didn’t do that, I sent Daniel feedback on this in the past a few times.

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I agree! We really need visual feedback to what object snaps we’re snapping to (and we need at least end, point, mid, perp, center, tan, quadrant…) - and, by the way, grid snaps are pure evil :sunglasses: In Rhino I always have grid snaps turned off.


Do you really need quadrant?

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I do really agree, there should be an option to see/hide snapping points just like sth we have for auto constraints and snap to grid, and furthermore yes! Snap to grid is a very dull option I did not figure its usefulness out except annoying through all softwares I’ve ever used including Shapr3D.

And why not?!

Quadrant is useful, yes - but perhaps not as important as the rest of the bunch.