How do you like the sketching experience in the beta?

Gridsnaps are seemingly easy to use and intuitive, but it’s not what a professional would use - not in its current implementation, anyway - the reason being that it’s too easy to snap to the wrong spot when you zoom in and the grid changes. The result can be a tiny error you probably wouldn’t notice right away - you might catch it later - if you’re lucky (and then you have lost a lot of work and have to redo parts of the model).

I hope this doesn’t sound to negative. I really do appreciate your hard work, but as I have said before - honest feedback its necessary to provide the developers with ‘food for thoughts.’


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Besides this vital for life feature,
@Zoli_Shapr3D must describe where snap tracks are?! why it’s so boring if you want to sketch a simple square?! We don’t have default 2D sketches and I agree it’s nice since we’re not going to have a messy desk in app screen, but what’s the fastest way to draw an square of for example 1234 millimeters edges?!
But if there is a snap tracking just like AutoCAD then it’ll be solved easily.

The current beta release is about improving the constraint engine. Snapping improvements are coming in the next few weeks.


There’s a long list of sketching improvements ahead of us that we are going to implement. As Istvan said snappings are coming and not just for new points, but for edges as well (for ex.: parallel, tangent, equal etc.) Also, you’ll have 2D primitives, actually I’m working on that UI right now :slight_smile:


Yes, that’s why we think it would help you to lock current grid size. That’s an other improvement on the list: units%20menu


Sweet it is :+1:

I’ve just downloaded the new update, the same problem still exists!
I’ve a suggestion also. In each update, after the user opens the app, show a brief practical survey to the user for the most important new features of that update, just like sth any user faces at the first visit of the app.

What is the problem exactly?

Yeah, we do that for bigger updates, but we don’t have the resources to do it for every new beta build.

Let’s look at what you said on introducing the new beta:

“You won’t have to lock your sketches, everything will stay in place. “

The problem is they will not stay in their places without locking. To find this out, it’s enough to draw an sketch like below and then change the angle between the lines shown in the pic to 10 degrees, then you will find everything changed. I’ve attached the workspace file too!

explode without locking.shapr (208 KB)

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I see what you mean, we will look into this, thanks.

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Thanks @Istvan_CEO_Shapr3D. The issue with those two lines are solved in the new beta but now two other have the same problem. Pls consider, basically all sketches must be locked by default except the user selects any line or pairs of lines he/she wishes, i.e. here these two lines. Now the reverse is true in the app, as we could see the lock button at the left menu. The vid is attached.