How to edit existing sketch

Hi, i am having difficulty editing a sketch after i have used it to create a body.
i can see the sketches in the item list, and can turn the item visibility on and off but dont seem to be able to edit the sketch.
i am new to Shapr3D but have used Inventor and similar products.

also want to know how to make lines colinear in a sketch

Hello Simon, welcome to the Shapr3d community Forum. You can tap on the down ponting arrow at the top of the Items window to see all the window menu options. You can select the “Bodies” option from where you can hide a body by tapping on the “eye” icon by the body, and by hidng the body the sketch becomes visible. Please note that editing the sketch does not in anyway effect any change on the already generated body as Shapr3d is a direct solid modeler. A workaround will be to edit the sketch and generate a new body entirely.

Hi simon, Shapr is a direct modeling tool, meaning that sketches are not driving model changes. Direct modeling is a very powerful apporwch, you can learn mrie about it here:

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Re colinear: just select two lines, and tap on “tangent”.

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