How to model a canopy (see pics)


Like the title says, how would one go about modeling the below image? I created a side profile of the rough shape. But can’t figure out how to model this.

Anyone try something like this? This is hollow and will fit over the helicopter I am working on. But Incant seem to figure it out.



Sweep and cut from side


Thank you, however I’m Not sure I understand how.

Here is the SHAPR FILE with the side view sketch.

Canopy.shapr (4.7 MB)


I wanna show you but I do not know how to record my process.


Thank you.

If your using iOS 11 or newer there is a built in screen recorder. Here’s how to enable it.


Uploading: 01AD8C6E-54C8-45E7-9A16-D5288DF7911E.jpeg…




I will have to give that a try. Not sure I can get the shape I want though. I did try loft but from the side rather than front to back.


That is also what I used with PTC CREO except 4 edges surface.I think It works,but you need to adjust your section again and again.


That is my achievement,I definitely certain It is not what you want,since it is not under your dimensions😊


Better than I did. I don’t even have dimensions. I was going to model it to closely resemble what I’m looking for then use the scale feature to get it close, then adjust as needed. Unless of course there is a better way to do it.

I don’t do well with these types of shapes. I am better with mechanical type modeling.


This is much similar to a project I did in the past, I’ll share it here so you could take benefit from.

canopyLike.shapr (4.7 MB)


Thank You for sharing this. I will take a look a little later and see if it will help.


@hamedtopic I haven’t had a chance to look at this as I got really busy yesterday with work and I am pretty busy this morning already, hopefully this evening or possibly tomorrow I can take a look. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

I appreciate your feedback and the time to share this.


No problem, have fun!


So, I’ve taken a look at the file you shared. It’s a similar idea but I am not certain it will help. I will play around with it and see what I can come up with. Thanks again for sharing it.