I miss the simplest things

We don’t need to discuss why and why here.
I’ve been working with CAD and CAM programs for two decades.
I drew 3D parts with surfaces +20 years ago because there were practically no solid modelers.
I program 5 axis milling machines, 8 axis lathes, various other CNC machines.
We use various software here:
Solidwork, Solidcam, Mastercam, Radan, Autocad, Inventor, ViaCad etc.

I only use Shapr3D for fun for very simple constructions.
And even then I get annoyed with things that are a matter of course for any good CAD program:

  • Chamfers and rounding in sketches also for 2D elements
  • Free scaling in X, Y and Z
  • Customizable mouse navigation
  • Customizable buttons
  • Use the input field as a calculator
  • Creation of 3D bodies using one or more 3D guide curves Completed
  • Tool for springs and threads, also conical
  • Customizable title block in the drawing derivation

As long as such basic functions do not exist or work, I cannot look at this CAD as a professional.

Have you tried the new guided loft feature?

Simple loft with 4 guide curves brings error messages.
Maybe I’m doing something wrong?

Guide curves must to connect the profiles.

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One point can be crossed out in the list: =)


This is also coming very soon. What’s the level of customization you need?

Have you tried using the revolve tool for this?

Can Revolve be tapered?
I should be able to create flat and or conical helixes and use these as guide curves for loft or sweep.
That would make it easier for many.

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No, it can’t be tapered. Advanced sweeps are on the roadmap.


Thanks for insight, this discussion turned out to be super interesting.

The line tool should indeed default to “Automatic”. It was a bug that’ll be fixed in the next release, due in about a week.

I agree totally Pascal. Each of your bullet points right on the nail and I could add view manipulation tools for a start.
To be honest I’ve only just noticed this topic is in the windows forum. I assumed that you like me were only playing with this on the iPad. Really fun to use with the pencil but no, not ready yet for any form of professional work.

What I was really trying to explain was the totally different approach reqd for true solid modeling, before I got carried away lecturing on workflows etc. My apologies.
With parametric software such as SW (those with a creation tree) all the heavy lifting is done within 2d then transferred to the model. With solid modeling (solid edge/nx) it’s done in the model, no creation tree. That’s why the 2d tools aren’t as important. Of course it makes the 3d tools proportionally more important.

Like you I do have some experience with cad/cam/cae. I started 3d modeling in ‘92. A wireframe based nightmare ported from a ‘mini computer’. Over my years in aerospace I have been very fortunate to work with some world class design teams and have forgotten much.


I think every company or private individual has their own ideas.
Here is a title block from our company for DIN A1 wide:
The company logo with address is where the black rectangle is.
With us, the drawing heads look different in portrait or wide format, they are also different in DIN size, i.e. DIN A4 looks different than DIN A1, less text fields, etc.
It is important that you can always edit all text fields yourself.

I am not writing anything about the drawing derivation tool itself, since you are fully in development and you surely know what you need yourself.

I forgot one point:
Someone might want to use Shapr3D as the main CAD program, unfortunately the CAD formats in Windows cannot be assigned to Shapr3D.
It always opens the old competitor CAD program when you double-click a file. : =)

It is interesting that users keep digging up the same threads and asking in disbelief for basic functions that Shapr3D does not offer.

  • Chamfers and roundings in sketches for 2D elements
  • Free scaling in X, Y and Z
  • Tool for spiral and helix
  • Input field can be used as a calculator
  • Customizable mouse navigation
  • Customizable buttons
  • Customizable title block in the drawing derivation
  • Hide selected elements

And there is even more, I could probably give a 100 more examples by heart! People are asking for a million different features, many of them are considered to be “basic” by some, and useless by others. Which is great, and we love to see how much more we can do to make our community more successful with Shapr3D. But CAD systems have a lot of depth and breadth and it’s impossible to implement all the features overnight that a legacy CAD system has. However as we are releasing updates with new features every 2 weeks, so we are catching up quickly, and rigorously prioritizing what to build.


I agree with you, you have achieved a lot in the last 12 months and I am confident that this will continue!

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