I wish there were a pricing option for me

I really like the app, I actually don’t mind paying money for it! But I’m simply not going to use it enough to justify $20 a month. I would love if you would find a way, as has been suggested elsewhere in the forum for a mid-tier hobbyist pricing scheme.

I was going to respond here:

But the thread was closed.

I have no issues with a subscription model (I know some do). But I want $10/month worth of mobile CAD, not $20. Please consider adding something in between free and Pro. I would like high quality STL. Might need .STEP export so I can run some CAM jobs on my desktop CNC. Beyond that we can haggle! :slight_smile:

P.S. if there were a $10 option I would be a paid customer this second.


Hey @halr9000, makes sense. This is something that we hear often, and we do have plans to address this issue. I can’t give you an exact date when, but some time not very far in the future. Stay tuned!


So I actually thought a lot more about this. I think the key here is that I put different value on STL export versus CAD export. And a static monthly subscription doesn’t allow me the flexibility.


  • Lower monthly subscription
  • That subscription comes with a certain number of credits
  • I could buy more credits if I want
  • Those credits will be consumed differently for different features


  • STL export: 1 credit
  • CAD export: 5 credits

Think about it!

Thanks for the reply @Istvan_CEO_Shapr3D


I totally agree with halr9000. I’m a hobby user. I cohost the 3D Printing Today Podcast. After the first tutorial with Shapr3D I was totally excited by it and looking forward to reviewing it in a coming episode.
BUT… why would I or any of those who listen to my podcast spend so much for this when they can use other CAD which works brilliantly (e.g., Fusion360) for free. A better pricing approach is REALLY needed here if you guys expect this to fly. I fully get the fact that you guys are unfortunately coupled to the Apple store which makes it hard to be more flexible and affordable. Keep in mind a good 3D Printewr these days can be had for around $200. A low cost solution WILL have a market while charging close to onShape’s price won’t generate the downloads… IMO.

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I’m mostly a hobbyist. I had to wait until it went on sale. Work is scarce and risk is high with COVID around.

To be clear, I think the free version is awesome, AND the full breadth of the app is totally worth the full price IMO — for someone who will use it many hours a week. I just don’t need it quite so much, nor do I expect to need the full capabilities, so my bid would be a bit lower. If I could pay some for high quality STL just when I need it (somewhat often), and CAD when I need it (rare), I would be golden.